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Terms and Conditions for the Site representing the Company of Bob Taylor Spray Equipment, Inc.

We are a simple company with a simple philosophy.  If you use this site, you agree to our terms and conditions which are:

1.       We can choose to sell or not sell to anyone

2.       If you buy it, it is yours, unless we both agree to you returning it (see below.)

3.       Sometimes we have to make changes to prices and other stuff and when we do we may not be able to tell you ahead of time.  We want you to know that we can and will change prices at anytime but usually it will be preceded by a price or product change that we need to make.

4.       If we make a typographical error, we reserve the right to correct it and if need be we can and will cancel and order.  Of course if you have already paid for it and it has not shipped, we will credit or refund your money.

5.       Occasionally we use photos that are not exact representations of the product but the item will be properly labeled.  Our intent is to provide a visual reference of the item being sold, not to mislead or deceive you in any way.  If in doubt, call and ask.

6.       We have to charge sales tax for the State of Texas.  Customers outside of Texas are responsible for their own taxes.

7.       If and order has been processed, it will not be cancelled.

8.       We reserve the right to void or cancel any order placed with Bob Taylor Spray Equipment, Inc. 


Bob Taylor Spray Equipment, Inc. owns and operates this site so unless we tell you that you can use something on this site, it is ours.  All materials, pictures, texts logos, you name it, are the sole property of Bob Taylor Spray Equipment, Inc. and we do not want you using them unless you ask.  Do not copy or duplicate stuff on this site because it will violate copyright laws.  We also may use links to other sites that are owned and operated by them and we are not responsible for the content on those sites.


We will endeavor to ship promptly.  Occassionally we will not be able to ship as quickly due to lack of stock or backorders etc.  In those cases we will ship as soon as possible.  We are not responsible for Late Shipping on the parts of Suppliers or on the Part of the Shipping company . 


We do not generally accept Returns, but if you have to return something you must first call and get permission and a Returned Authorization Number.  If we do choose to allow something to be returned then the following applies:

1.      There will be a 15% restocking fee on all returns,

2.      You have to pay all the freight and shipping charges unless we say otherwise,

3.      You have to send everything back in the original package, unopened and in new condition, NO EXCEPTIONS. 

4.      There will be absolutely no returns on Electronic items or on Equipment purchased through this web site.


If we do accept your request for a return and If we give you a Return Authorization Number, then you will send return items to:

            Bob Taylor Spray Equipment, Inc.

          5700 James Ave

          Fort Worth, Texas,  76134.


If you live in the area or you would like to bring the parts back, that is acceptable too.  In fact, we prefer it.  We can meet you first hand and will be glad to give you personal attention when you visit us.


Now, about our Privacy Policy.

We have to get some information from you in order to best serve you.  That is where it ends.  We do not give out information period.  Now the web site server may gather some information such as domain names in order to collate statistical information and we have no control over that but, they  do not generally collect email addresses or personal information.

We will do everything we can to protect the confidentiality of every visitor to our site.  However, we will have no liability for disclosure of any visitor information obtained either by mistake or through and error in transmission or unauthorized acts by third parties.

We do collect information to process your order, but we only retain such information just long enough to complete your order.  If we need to communicate with you, we retain some information for that purpose, but such information is disposed of once its purpose is served.


We do not rent, sell, give away or otherwise provide your information to any third party.  We want you to know that we value your business with us and therefore want to keep all your information private.  There are other folks out there that will not be so respectful, so be careful what information you  give out.  We are not responsible for policies or procedures of any of our affiliates or other links.


 We are a small family business and our hours are 8:00am to 5:00 pm Monday – Friday.  That is when we process our orders.  If you place them early in the day, we will do our best to get them out that day or the next day.  If you have specific shipping needs, feel free to call us and let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.


That is it.  Agree to these terms and conditions and we are all on the same page.  If there is something we missed or left out then we will have to operate by the rule of exception and add it as necessary.




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